I require each pet I offer services for to AT LEAST be vaccinated with the Rabies vaccine. If your pet is not up to date with that vaccine at the minimum, service will be refused for safety purposes. If you have any questions on vaccines and protocols, please click the link below, it will direct you to a website with more detailed information.

Meet   &   Greets

Image by Jamie Street

I require a meet & greet with every new client. If you are interested in boarding in my home, we can do the meet & greet at my house. If I will be in your home, we can schedule a time to meet in your home. I like to sit and talk with owners and pets, get ground rules and expectations established, and also a working relationship. At the meet & greet we can discuss and address any questions or concerns you have, plus it's a time for me to meet and make friends with your furry loved one!