Image by Lui Peng

$25 full day (6:30-6pm) includes lunch, potty break, nap time and play time

$18 half day (6:30a-12:30, 12-5:30) both time frames would include full day features in half

*willing to accommodate times for half day

Late pick ups will be an additional $5 for every 30 minutes


Individual playtime $8 - staff member will take from group setting and show some one on one love for 30 minutes - can be added to any package


*Package deals (non refundable, expire after 60 days)


10 day package single dog - $23/day ($20 savings)

5 day package single dog - $23.50/day ($8 savings)


*Sibling deals 


2 dogs (full day)

$25 first dog, $22 2nd dog

Half day $18 first dog, 16.50 2nd dog

10day package siblings ($40 off)

5 day package siblings ($16 off)

Image by Jae Park
Image by Ralu Gal